Welcome To Choice Lettings

Choice Lettings, with offices based in the Docklands and Clontarf, is the kind of Letting and Management service you won’t find everyday. We are experts in Dublin Lettings.

Incorporated in January 2008, it is managed by Julie Higgins and Liz Toner.

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Their main objectives for the company are:

  • Delivering a quality service to their customers that focus on their business-critical need to find renters for properties allowing home hunters to readily find property details that meet their criteria through a user-friendly and reliable Website.
  • Maintaining and building strong long lasting relationships with their customers.
  • To become a clear market leader among Dublin’s property letting and management company’s in terms of what the Directors believe to be the two key measures, which are:
  • (1) Offering a highly personal service to their Landlords and Tenants.
  • (2) Providing a professional management to meet all the requirements of the property owner.

The company is fully licenced, insured and bonded. It is regulated by the Auctioneers and House Agents Act.